7th Grade Homework:

Language Arts:    


1. Summer Vacation


Morah Nurit: 

1. Summer Vacation

Rabbi Hami: 

1. Summer Vacation


Moreh Moshe:  


 1.  Summer Vacation


1. Summer Vacation



1. Summer Vacation


1. Summer Vacation

Social Studies:

  1.    1. Summer Vacation



For Kids who have trouble finding good websites for homework and school projects, we have a section for science, math tricks, history, and current events. 



If you're having trouble with astronomy, you can use this slide show to study the solar system (includes Xena and Sedna):


Click here to download the slideshow 

Please note that the links above (Science, History, Math Tricks) are not part of Escusting.com. Please do not think that we created these other sites. They are just sites that we found and thought that they are helpful for each topic listed above. All other pages listed above (Home, Movies In Theaters, Book Reviews, Video Games, Latest Technology, Games, School) are made and maintained by Escusting.com.