Icon contest


Here you can create an icon which has a chance of being put up in the home page for about one month. The rules for this contest are:

  1. Your picture must be 100 by 100 pixels.
  2. Your picture must not be inappropriate in any way.
  3. Your picture must be original.
  4. You may only vote for one picture per day. 
  5. If we find out you cheated in any way, you will not be permitted to enter any contests for one month (could be more depending on how much you cheated).
  6. Have fun! 

How to vote:

  1. Pick 1 picture/motto/idea from the bottom of this screen
  2. Remember the number next to it
  3. Email the number and contest name to jacob@escusting.com 

Here's an example of what your email should look like:


Motto contest. Motto number 3.


The motto/picture/idea with the most votes will win.


Mail your icon to jacob@escusting.com